Neuro Next Seminar

"Mechanisms of Cross-modal Plasticity in the Adult Brain"

Hey-Kyoung Lee, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University

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*Lunch provided for in-person attendees

Speaker Bio
Hey-Kyoung Lee's research focuses on the cellular and molecular changes that happen at synapses to allow memory storage. The goals of her research include elucidating the mechanisms underlying cross-modal synaptic plasticity and exposing the events that occur in diseased brains.

Lee received her undergraduate degree in biology from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. She earned her Ph.D. in neuroscience from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and completed postdoctoral training in neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Lee joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 2011.

Hosts: Alishah Lakhani and Yichao Zhao

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