Neuro Next Seminar

"Themes and Variations in Animal Behavior" 

Gordon Berman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Emory University

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*Lunch provided for in-person attendees

The Berman lab uses theoretical, computational, and data-driven approaches to gain quantitative insight into entire repertoires of animal behaviors, aiming to make connections to the neurobiology, genetics, and evolutionary histories and that underlie them. In particular, they are interested in not just the precise physical and physiological mechanisms behind the performance of a single behavior or motion.

Instead, the primary focus is on the intricate interactions that underlie the temporal ordering, control, and evolution of an organism’s movements, attempting to unearth general organizing principles that apply across species.

These studies include building new computational tools for measuring behavioral structures across many time scales, analyzing the biomechanical basis of rapid control in insects, revealing social context and temporal patterning in rodent vocalizations, and using data from optogenetic and targeted genetic introgression screens to probe the neurological control of behavioral commands and the evolution of behavior in fruit flies.

Faculty Host: Hanna Choi, Ph.D.

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