Microphysiological Systems Seminar

"Serial Cytometry: Improving Measurement of Single Cells in an Optofluidic Device"

Gregory A. Cooksey, Ph.D., Paul N. Patrone, Ph.D., Anthony J. Kearsley, Ph.D.
National Institute of Standards and Technology


Commercial flow cytometers are highly utilized clinical and research instruments that make thousands of single-cell measurements per second. However inherent instrument variability coupled with changes in operating conditions or procedures hinder day-to-day and lab-to-lab comparability of data. Moreover, the challenges of developing physically-informed mathematical analyses prevent cytometers from having well-characterized uncertainties, thereby limiting their ability to detect rare events (a task nonetheless suited to their throughput). To address these issues, we have developed an optofluidic system that interlaces advanced fabrication techniques and novel signals analysis to dramatically improve understanding of measurement variability and rare event detection.