Mark One, the True Story of a Startup

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"Mark One, the True Story of a Startup"

Marco Zani, Founder and CEO
Mark One
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Mark One is an innovative startup that designs and develops 3D printers for the industrial sector, in order to change companies' production processes by implementing additive manufacturing. Before all that, there was only Marco Zani, a young engineering student, who during his studies out of curiosity had approached additive manufacturing. It didn't take long for this curiosity to turn into a real passion. Marco's life was divided between his lectures at the university and the development of his first 3D printers. This passion was soon discovered by others, in fact in 2015 Marco presented his 3D printer at the Expo of Milan, where he won as the best innovative startup. In a short time, Mark One received other recognitions, just to name a few: Smau Berlin, Wolf Summit Poland, Forbes France, Forbes Italy etc. All these recognitions are not only the result of a simple idea, but they are the direct result of constant dedication, innovation and sacrifice, which led Marco together with the team of Mark One to develop and propose unique 3D printers, which have become a guarantee in the world of the Italian industry and beyond. At Mark One we believe that this technology can change the world and every day we work to make this happen.

Marco Zani: Founder & CEO
In 2016, during his studies in automation engineering, he founded Mark One, an innovative startup that designs and develops 3D printers for the industrial sector. His ambitious project is to change the production processes of companies and implement additive manufacturing to make production possible.

During 2019 Marco Zani introduced the world’s first 3D printer in the pits to do real-time production. Also in 2019 he collaborated with various companies, universities and public institutions such as, for instance, the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, with which he managed to create the first ankle transplant in the world by means of 3D printing; with ABB Italy he offered its contribution to the development of industrial solutions; Polytechnic University of Milan turned to Marco Zani to build the first 3D printed rocket and, again in the aerospace field, he gave rise to a collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in order to provide support to companies in the introduction of the 3D printing technology.
In 2019, and subsequently in 2020, Mark One was selected among the 100 best Italian startups.
Around the end of 2019, Mark One won the award as “Best Smart Italian Factory 2019” at the Global Startup Awards event; in 2020 Forbes Italy listed Marco Zani as of the best 30 under 30 young leaders of Italy’s future and, in the same year, he has been developing a partnership with Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK of which Mark One is currently official technical sponsor.

Andrej Pelikan: Marketing Officer
After graduating from the scientific high school France Prešeren, in 2015 he enrolled in the three-year degree course taught in English in Economics, International Trade and Financial Markets, Management of Innovation which ended in 2019. After that, at the beginning of 2020 he enrolled in the master in Marketing Management at the Bologna Business School.
Andrej Pelikan joined the team of Mark One in September 2020 as a Marketing Officer.