Georgia Tech has almost 400,000 square feet of space and state-of-the-art core facilities for manufacturing research:

Additive Manufacturing

Using innovative direct digital manufacturing to improve cost structure and delivery lead-time in creating mechanical parts and electronic devices.​

Analytics and Prognostics Systems

Focuses on developing Predictive Analytic tools capable of synthesizing and extracting information from multi-stream sensor signals to predict future performance of complex engineering systems, and the development of real-time enhanced optimization models that compute optimal decision by leveraging the information embedded in the data.

Factory Information Systems

Developing, testing, and launching innovative software and technology that boosts manufacturing efficiency.​

Precision Machining

Researching and applying technologies for enhanced productivity, part quality, difficult-to-machine features, and machine tool utilization of precision finishing processes.

Supply Chain and Logistics

A supply chain is a set of organizations that work together to design, produce, and deliver a product or service to a market, beginning with procurement of raw materials and ending with distribution of finished products or services to end-users or consumers.

System Informatics and Control

Anchored on the effective and seamless integration of physical and analytical models with empirical, data-driven methodologies, System Informatics and Control (SIAC) aims to provide a new scientific base for the design, analysis, and control of complex manufacturing and service systems. The SIAC group brings together researchers with diverse backgrounds related to manufacturing and service systems, quality and reliability engineering, diagnostics and prognostics, industrial statistics and data mining, and automation and control.