Manufacturing Certificate

The Manufacturing Certificate provides students enrolled in the Manufacturing Education Program (MEdP) with the fundamentals of manufacturing science and engineering by augmenting their graduate education and research experience through a multidisciplinary curriculum. Students pursuing the Certificate develop skills and knowledge in specific disciplines relevant to manufacturing and couple this with a general understanding of the entire manufacturing enterprise. Students pursuing the Certificate are also encouraged to consider enrolling in the International Option.

The Certificate emphasizes the education of engineers, managers, and scientists in all aspects and fundamentals of the manufacturing environment ranging from the unit process level to the systems level. The structured program broadens and enhances the background of students enrolled in traditional academic disciplines and encourages them to develop strategic knowledge in other disciplines relevant to manufacturing through classwork and multidisciplinary teamwork experiences.

The program balances technical depth with a broad exposure and comprehension of realistic problems and solution methodologies that are faced by manufacturing industries every day.

The Manufacturing Certificate is part of a graduate degree program (MS or PhD) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. One must complete a graduate degree in any of the College of Engineering’s schools and complete the Certificate course requirements detailed below to obtain the MEdP Certificate.

The Manufacturing Certificate is administered by the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, with the Schools of Electrical and Computer EngineeringIndustrial & Systems Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering participating. Any student (not limited to these three engineering schools) who obtains a graduate degree in engineering from Georgia Tech can participate in the MEdP Certificate program.

Manufacturing Certificate Program Requirements

Students should submit an enrollment form as soon as their Certificate studies begin to the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute MEdP office located in room 373 of the Callaway Manufacturing Research Building.

The Certificate in Manufacturing consists of a set of key courses from which students select four courses (for a total of twelve semester hours), and complete the ECE/ISyE/ME 6792 Manufacturing Seminar class (one course).

Course options are grouped as shown in the following three course groups: Electrical & Computer Engineering; Industrial & Systems Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering. Students must complete two courses from one group and two courses from another group, bridging at least two different schools (ECE, ISyE, or ME). Students may count only one 4000-level course, which must be outside their home school. The 4000-level courses may be taken as background for the more advanced courses. Courses with a grade of "D" or "F" do not count.

The three Manufacturing Certificate course groups are:
Course Group 1: Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)   Course Group 2: Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE)   Course Group 3: Mechanical Engineering (ME)
*ECE 4761: Industrial Controls and Manufacturing   ISyE 6201: Manufacturing Systems   **ME 4215: Manufacturing Process Analysis
ECE 6450: Introduction to Microelectronics Technology   ISyE 6202: Warehousing Systems   ME 6222: Manufacturing Processes and Systems
ECE 6460: Microelectromechanical Devices   ISyE 6203: Transportation and Supply Chain Systems   ME 6223: Automated Manufacturing Process Planning
ECE 6556: Intelligent Control   ISyE 6405: Statistical Methods for Manufacturing Design/Improvement   ME 6224: Machine Tool Analysis and Control
ECE 6557: Manufacturing Systems Design   ISyE 6413: Design and Analysis of Experiments   ME 6405: Introduction to Mechatronics
ECE 6759: Plasma Processing of Electronic Materials and Devices   ISyE 6414: Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis   ME 6407: Robotics
    ISyE 6669: Deterministic Optimization   ME 7227: Rapid Prototyping in Engineering

*ECE students cannot count ECE 4761 toward their Certificate requirement.

**ME students cannot count ME 4215 toward their Certificate requirement.

Typically, all of the above Manufacturing Certificate requirements can be completed within the standard timeline of MS and PhD programs in the various College of Engineering schools. Upon completion of the MEdP program requirements and completion of their graduate degree, students will receive their Certificate from the MEdP office.

Contact us with any questions that you may have about the Manufacturing Certificate program.