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Dear ARMI/BioFabUSA Community,

We invite you to participate in a unique solution-focused supply chain workshop (virtual and free of charge) for the tissue engineered medical products (TEMP) and cell therapies (CT) industries. Through a project grant from ARMI/BioFabUSA, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, and students at Georgia Tech and Akron BioTech is developing a supply chain modeling and decision support system (DSS) designed to support the ever-expanding TEMP and CT industries and their complex supply chain requirements. 

This is the second workshop in a series that is open to past workshop attendees from industry as well as new attendees. We will provide an update on supply chain solution enhancements made in response to input from participants in the first workshop held in July 2021, as well as engage with new participants on solution needs and features. We have also expanded the focus of this second workshop to include not just TEMP but also CT.

The team is developing this new supply chain modeling and DSS system with a couple primary objectives in mind –– to maximize patient benefits, including fast fulfillment, and to minimize manufacturing and logistics costs and risks. The supply chain DSS is entirely customizable to your production and logistic operations.

Please join us on January 21, 2022 for the Digital Supply Chain for Digital Tissue Engineered Medical Products & Cell Therapies Workshop.
Please RSVP HERE if you will be attending this workshop.

By participating in this workshop, you will be able to:
1. Understand how the new digital platform can provide information to support system-level decisions, including facility site selection, production configuration, supply chain network design (centralized, regional hub, or “point-of-care”), and return on investment;
2. Gain actionable insights from the team’s experience solving manufacturing and distribution problems;
3. Participate in interactive sessions and provide input to the project team that can inform future solution capabilities; and
4. Learn about opportunities to collaborate with the solution experts and BioFabUSA community to address your company’s supply chain issues.

Please see the project overview and workshop agenda for more detailed information. We look forward to having you join us!

Project Overview

The growth of the tissue engineered medical product (TEMP) and cell therapies (CT) industries is going to change the supply chain of medical tissues and cell therapies disruptively. To embrace this change, a system-level decision support tool is essential for adopting more cost-effective manufacturing processes and making better investment decisions. To address this need, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute is developing a simulation-based decision support system (DSS) for TEMP and cell therapy manufacturing and distribution.

The objectives of this project are:

  • Maximize patient benefits, including fast fulfillment
  • Minimize total manufacturing and logistics costs and risks
  • Incorporate DoD’s and other stakeholders’ perspectives into supply chain modeling
  • Inform standards development
  • Support and participate in workforce development

The development of the TEMP and CT supply chain model is structured in two tiers: (1) a microscale simulation of a single production facility operation, and (2) a macroscale simulation of supply chain network design. The team is engaging stakeholders – DOD, government, patients, industry, academia, standards, regulation, policy, and education & workforce development – in the emerging TEMP and cell therapies sectors during the performance period to ensure a successful and seamless transition into mass-customization manufacturing and commercialization.