Machine-Vision In-Situ TEM, Worfkow Solutions, Data Management and AI Platform Seminar

Seminar and Workshop with Protochips


10:00 AM - 10:10 AM

Welcome and Introduction 
Gabriela Mendoza, US Central Sales Manager

10:10 AM - 10:50 AM

Presentation: In-Situ TEM Workflow Solutions
Gabriela Mendoza, US Central Sales Manager

11:00 AM– 11:40 AM

AXON Studio Workshop
Tim Eldred, Product Marketing Manager



Tim Eldred, Ph.D.

Product Marketing Manager

Timearned his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from NC State, following a B.S. in Chemistry. His experience as a staff microscopist at the Analytical Instrumentation Facility at NCSU coupled with his background in materials science research, shape his perspective on the needs of both a microscopists and application-orientedresearchers alike.

Gabriela Mendoza , Ph.D.

US Central Sales Manager

Gabriela completed a post doctoral fellowship in Material Sciences at CINVESTAV, holds a Ph.D. in Food Science from IPN, with an academic stay at the University of Alberta, and a Master's degree in Bioprocess Sciences. Prior to Protochips, Gabriela worked at Park Systems, where she served as a senior Applications Scientist and General Manager for Latin America.