Lieuwen to Give National Academy of Engineering Keynote on Net Zero Pathways

Portrait of Tim Lieuwen

Tim Lieuwen, Executive Director of SEI

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) chose Adjunct Professor and alumnus Tim Lieuwen, M.S. ME 1997, Ph.D. ME 1999, to give a keynote address about net zero pathways in the U.S. energy system as part of the 2023 Global Grand Challenges Summit. Lieuwen’s talk, which took place on September 19, surveyed transitions of the three major elements of the energy system — energy sources, energy carriers and storage, and energy users. He discussed how these elements will evolve as the U.S. decarbonizes, including current modeling results for the lowest-cost mix of energy sources and carriers.

Lieuwen is the interim chair of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering; Regents’ Professor; the David S. Lewis, Jr. Professor; and the executive director of the Strategic Energy Institute.

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