Keiretsu Forum South-East - June Meeting

RSVP by 6/24 - Complimentary registration for Georgia Tech faculty, students, employees!

The Keiretsu Forum South-East region holds monthly Forum Meetings. Each of our South-East chapters, Atlanta and Palm Beach,  as well as our Mid-Atlantic chapters are welcome to attend. 4-5 pre-screened and vetted investment opportunities are presented by Entrepreneurs in various investment silos such as Technology-Internet, Life Sciences/Health Care-Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Cyber Security, and Social Ventures.

REGISTER HERE for Virtual Participation - Registration is required before Monday, June 24 at 10:00 a.m.

If you are a Georgia Tech student, faculty, employee you ARE a Keiretsu academic partner and the monthly meetings are FREE. GT spots are limited, so register ASAP.

Meetings are open to Members, Guests, Sponsors, Partners, and presenting Entrepreneurs from any of our Keiretsu Forum Global chapters and regions.

Due to SEC 506(c) regulations guests MUST pre-register to attend our meetings.