Kalpesh "Kal" Nanji, Global Chief Product Officer for the Honeywell's Building Management Systems Group

Kalpesh "Kal" Nanji

Global Chief Product Officer

Nanji is a product and technology executive with over 25 years of experience in product management and development, strategy, and marketing focused on developing and executing strategic growth platforms within the building technology industry. Currently, as global chief product officer for the Honeywell's Building Management Systems Group, Nanji leads a team of talented product leaders who develop breakthrough ideation and incubation of new product offerings, drive portfolio management, and collaborate with customers and partners to deliver solutions that elevate experience, productivity, comfort, health, safety, and sustainability in the built environment.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling the world, and exploring new places where he is pursues his interests in architecture, photography, and advocating for sustainability and the natural environment. He also enjoys hiking, biking, and rafting. Nanji is also a proud Georgia Tech alumnus and Georgia Tech father.

"As someone who is deeply passionate about exploring innovative solutions to societal problems, I am excited to contribute my knowledge and expertise towards the board's shared goal of identifying areas where Georgia Tech can contribute to positive impacts on these pressing challenges. I am eager to work collaboratively with fellow board members and learn from their unique perspectives and insights, both on a national and global scale."