Catalyze: IRIs catalyze the interdisciplinary research community to spur new ideas and research. This could include opportunities for community development and networking, cultivating, and supporting partnerships, providing seed funding for new research, building teams to pursue research funding opportunities, and supporting the development of proposals.

Educate: IRIs educate key stakeholders and prepare the future workforce by providing programs on interdisciplinary research and career paths. This might include student outreach and engagement, providing educational programming and professional development, and expanding opportunities that benefit veterans, students with disabilities, and students from under-resourced communities.

Cultivate: IRIs cultivate a national or international vision for their research, encouraging thought leadership and providing opportunities for influence and visibility beyond Georgia Tech. Such actions could include contributing to policy development and responding to federal Requests for Information, demonstrating Georgia Tech’s position at the forefront of research through informational articles, and supporting faculty to serve on committees and boards in federal agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Enhance: IRIs enhance the resources available for research. This could include providing and managing shared user facilities and lab spaces, enhancing the expertise of IRI personnel to support research, securing financial or equipment donations in support of research, and supporting major infrastructure and equipment grants.

Accelerate: IRIs accelerate technology transfer and knowledge transfer, working with partners at Georgia Tech and externally to translate research into practice and support the creation of new products and services. Such actions could include enhancing faculty knowledge of and support for Intellectual Property protections and licensure, supporting engagement with startup companies, and cultivating partnerships with industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.