IPaT Thursday Think Tank: The Role of the Technical Research University in Strengthening the K12 Pipeline

IPaT Thursday Think Tank - Coda

(Please note: This week's Think Tank will be on the 14th floor of Coda. If you do not yet have badge access to this floor, we'll provide an escort near the 2nd floor elevators beginning at 3:30 p.m.)

Join us as we bring together speakers from K12 outreach programs across campus to discuss the role that Georgia Tech, as a technical research university without a College of Education, can have to strengthen the K12 pipeline. We'll discuss the state of STEM K12 education in Georgia and Georgia Tech's opportunities to make an impact on the STEM pipeline.

We'll also talk about the value of public-private partnerships and how these can be leveraged to better engage with our communities and schools. If you are interested in joining the effort and participating in K12 STEM activities from campus or want to learn more about the K12 STEM pipeline in Georgia and what our campus is doing, please join us for the Nov 7 Think Tank.


Leigh McCook, Deputy Director, Institute for People and Technology; Division Chief, Georgia Tech Research Institute Information and Communications Laboratory (GTRI-ICL)

Kamau Bobb, Senior Director, Constellations Center for Equity in Computing

Heidi Turcotte, Campus and Community Coordination, CEISMC

Hannah Maharaj, Curriculum Development Lead, STEM@GTRI