IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Getting Good: Using Esports to Inspire Students in Developing STEM Skills

IPaT Thursday Think Tank

Esports, a form of competition using video games, is a popular media and cultural topic. When it's used successfully in the classroom, esports can inspire students to pursue interests and skills in science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM). While esports as a vehicle for generating STEM interest continues to appear highly successful, an existing challenge remains. Educators and students are often less aware of the variety of variables that could contribute to their success in developing STEM skills.

Through a collaboration between university, research, industry and K-12 education partners, teachers and students will receive expert guidance and instructional materials that will promote esports as a tool for STEM student inspiration and instruction. Please join us to learn about esports and the impact esports has as a STEM motivator.


Laura Levy, Research Scientist II, Interactive Media Technology Center

Andrew Partridge, Research Associate, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Hannah Maharaj, STEM Curriculum Development Specialist, Georgia Tech Research Institute