IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Future Technology for Sports

IPaT Thursday Think Tank

Join researchers from the Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC), who this fall, in collaboration with other units across campus will begin offering a Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) course entitled Future Technology for Sports. The hope is to explore the human technology frontier as it relates to technologies for sports, spanning the continuum from the athlete to the fan. Potential projects could include:

  • wearable technologies to empower athletes via advanced sensing and multi-modal real-time feedback via smart textiles;
  • using immersive technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, to improve the fan experience in live sports venues and at home; and
  • employing computer vision,  machine learning, and novel information presentation techniques to expand interest and participation in e-sports


Don't miss what promises to be both an imaginative and informative ideation Think Tank to help the team prepare for students in the fall.

Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Director, Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC)

Clint Zeagler, Research Scientist, Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC)