IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Creative Collisions

Katherine Helen Fisher

Moderator: Laura Levy, Research Scientist, Interactive Media Technology Center

The Wearable Computing Center and the Office of the Arts are collaborating to better understand how artists and technologists ideate, process and communicate through their creative visions. Funded by the GVU/IPaT Research and Engagement Grant Program, we are investigating how to facilitate collaboration through common language, processes, platforms and artifacts. The culmination of this work is designing a wearable tech garment for artist Katherine Helen Fisher to use in her performance of Characters at the Ferst Center on March 5th. Join us at this Think Tank to talk about creative collaboration challenges, solutions, and the role of technology in art and vice versa.

The Thursday Think Tank is a weekly gathering of the IPaT community to brainstorm about research and stay informed about the work that everyone is doing. This is an informal gathering where the moderator kicks off the weekly topic, but everyone is encouraged to join the discussion.

Ideas for future Thursday Think Tanks? Send comments or suggestions to Russ Clark (russ.clark@gatech.edu) or Maribeth Gandy (maribeth@imtc.gatech.edu)