IPaT Thursday Think Tank - April 1

IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Cognitive AR: Manipulating Augmented Reality to Enhance Work Environments

Thursday, April, 1, 2021, 3:30-4:30 p.m. 

Online (BlueJeans)

The high-level goal of the Cognitive Augmented Reality research initiative is to develop augmented reality (AR) techniques to support workers’ cognitive processes while performing tasks in settings such as the space station, healthcare, and the classroom. Specifically, the augmentations are used to mediate visual, auditory, haptic, and sensor signals from the environment in order to help the worker focus attention, maintain situational awareness, and make effective decisions. The Cognitive AR users may be located in the physical environment or they may be working remotely via telepresence technologies. Our techniques diminish, enhance, and remap signals (e.g. stimuli and data) from the environment for the user by mapping signals (e.g. visuals of the physical scene, ambient sound, sensor data etc. ) to multi-modal AR displays (i.e. visuals, sound, & haptics). We are currently performing controlled empirical studies to understand what mediation techniques support particularly cognitive processes effectively. This work is a collaboration between GT (PI: Maribeth Gandy Coleman) Computing/HCI and NCSU (PI: Anne McLaughlin) Human Factors researchers and is funded by industry as well as NASA. In this think tank we want to explore potential use cases for the Cognitive AR tools and techniques that we are creating with the IPaT community and identify potential collaborations.

Facilitated by Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Principal Research Scientist and Clint Zeagler, Senior Research Scientist

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