Institute for Materials helps guide TMS study on Core Knowledge Gaps and Opportunities at the Interface of Materials and Manufacturing

David McDowell, Executive Director of IMat, co-chaired a recent study Advanced Computation and Data in Materials and Manufacturing: Core Knowledge Gaps and Opportunities that was organized by TMS, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). IMat Innovation Strategist Surya Kalidindi served as a keynote speaker at the workshop. The report is available for free download at:

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Advanced Computation and Data in Materials and Manufacturing examines the core knowledge required to fully realize the game-changing potential of advanced computation and data approaches. Building on the contributions of leading experts who participated in a facilitated workshop in March 2018, the report identifies 38 technical gaps, and provides detailed discussion and action plans to close the six highest priority gaps:

  • Coupling Simulations and Experiments
  • Data-Driven Approaches
  • Digital Data Infrastructure
  • Digital Representation and Visualization
  • Predictive Multiscale Modeling
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Propagation
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