IHE-LeaD Seminar

"Integrating Genes and the Environment into Predictive Health"

Greg Gibson, Ph.D.
Regents Professor, Tom and Marie Patton Chair Biological Sciences
Director of the Center for Integrative Genomics
Georgia Tech

Greg Gibson was trained as a geneticist at Sydney University undergraduate and the University of Basel Ph.D., followed by a Post-Doc at Stanford. He has been a Professor in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech since 2009. The Gibson lab engages in computational genomics related to human genetics.  A major current focus is the use of transcriptomics for personalized medicine, from predicting the course of complicated inflammatory bowel disease, to diagnosing the molecular basis of congenital diseases. They are also interested in the evolution of complex disease risk and the philosophy of therapeutic intervention.

The Interdisciplinary Health and Environment Leadership Development (IHE-LeaD) is a new program that connects scholars at GT to jointly work towards advancing the intersection of human and environmental health, and to discuss opportunities and challenges for translating scholarly work into actions with public impact and visibility. Our program runs a monthly seminar series that is open to the GT public. GT speakers will present their work on impact-driven research at the intersection of IHE. You can receive regular announcements about upcoming seminars via the IHE email list contact Gabi Steinbach.

To learn more information about the seminar series and the IHE-LeaD program, visit their website.