IHE-LeaD Seminar

"Indian Ocean Interannual to Decadal Variability and Malaria Outbreaks in India"

Annalisa Bracco, Ph.D.
Associate Chair and Professor
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Tech

In this talk I will describe linkages between malaria outbreaks and interannual climate variability modes of the Indo-Pacific basin, and the influence of the tropical Atlantic. I will review current understanding, modeling challenges (what climate models can and cannot capture the observed variations), and the (very) uncertain climate change outlooks.

Ocean mesoscale dynamics: Coherent structures and their role in setting transport and mixing properties of passive (for example floats) and active (i.e plankton) tracers. Vertical mixing at the mesoscales; Climate variability and the role of the oceans at interannual and decadal scales.

The Interdisciplinary Health and Environment Leadership Development (IHE-LeaD) is a new program that connects scholars at GT to jointly work towards advancing the intersection of human and environmental health, and to discuss opportunities and challenges for translating scholarly work into actions with public impact and visibility. Our program runs a monthly seminar series that is open to the GT public. GT speakers will present their work on impact-driven research at the intersection of IHE. You can receive regular announcements about upcoming seminars via the IHE email list contact Gabi Steinbach.

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