IHE-LeaD Seminar

"Wastewater-based Epidemiology for Public Health: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond"

Katy Graham, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Engineering
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Georgia Tech

Katy Graham is a postdoctoral researcher through the President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program, a training program for recent Ph.D. graduates which allows them to explore and to pursue academic careers through independent research at public institutions, such as Georgia Tech. Graham received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan and then earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. from Stanford University in environmental engineering and science. At Georgia Tech, Graham is working on a project examining sewage as a source of information on Covid-19 infection dynamics in on-campus dorms. She works in the lab of her mentor, Professor Kostas Konstantinidis, learning more about the applications of metagenomics and transcriptomics in public health microbiology. 

The Interdisciplinary Health and Environment Leadership Development (IHE-LeaD) is a new program that connects scholars at GT to jointly work towards advancing the intersection of human and environmental health, and to discuss opportunities and challenges for translating scholarly work into actions with public impact and visibility. Our program runs a monthly seminar series that is open to the GT public. GT speakers will present their work on impact-driven research at the intersection of IHE. You can receive regular announcements about upcoming seminars via the IHE email list contact Gabi Steinbach.

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