IDEaS Summer Workshop in Data Science and Scientific Computing

In July and August, IDEaS hosted its Summer Workshop in Data Science and Scientific Computing.  More than 140 undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs registered for the workshop, consisting of introductory lectures by faculty, hands-on programming sessions led by teaching assistants, and take-home projects.  Faculty members Polo Chau and Edmond Chow (School of Computational Science and Engineering), Xu Chu (School of Computer Science), and David Sherrill (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and School of Computational Science and Engineering) introduced topics such as computer programming in Python, numerical methods, data management, and machine learning.  Student participants came from across the Institute, such as the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Computational Science and Engineering, Industrial Systems and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Math, Physics, and Public Policy.  Students commented that “it was nice to have a class where the blanks in my education could be filled in,” and “I think the workshop gave me a great overview of the skills needed for my research.”