IBB Virtual Town Hall - The Question of Gun Violence

“The Question of Gun Violence: The Impact of Physical and Psychological Risk on Our Community Wellbeing”

A forum to listen to our community’s concerns about the epidemic of mass shooting violence in the U.S. which will include a moderated discussion about what steps we can take within our scientific community to support each other.



Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting

Richard Barke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Public Policy

Georgia Tech

This event is brought to you by the IBB Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee: Edward Botchwey (BME, committee Chair), Andrés García (ME, IBB Director), María Coronel (ME, Postdoctoral Representative), Nettie Brown (BME, Pre-doctoral Representative), Lakeita Servance (Staff Representative, IBB), Milan Riddick (BME, Undergraduate Representative)