Georgia Tech Top Contributor to Research at International Conference on Machine Learning

Georgia Tech researchers in the College of Engineering and College of Computing are presenting their work at the International Conference on Machine Learning (IMCL), which runs through Saturday.

ICML is the leading international academic conference in machine learning. Along with NeurIPS and ICLR, it is one of the three primary conferences of high impact in machine learning and artificial intelligence research. It is supported by the International Machine Learning Society (IMLS).

Explore Georgia Tech people, research abstracts, and when authors will present (Tues-Thurs) in an interactive data graphic of Georgia Tech at IMCL 2021. Also explore the whole program in a second data graphic: Who’s Who at ICML 2021.

Georgia Tech’s work is represented in 2% of the program with 22 papers in a range of topics including (asterisk denotes a single paper):

  • Applications (CV and NLP)*
  • Applications (NLP)*
  • Deep Learning Algorithms*
  • Deep Learning Theory *
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning*
  • Learning Theory – 2 papers
  • Optimal Transport – 2 papers
  • Optimization (Convex)*
  • Optimization and Algorithms – 2 papers
  • Privacy *
  • Reinforcement Learning – 2 papers
  • Reinforcement Learning and Optimization*
  • Reinforcement Learning and Planning*
  • Reinforcement Learning Theory*
  • Time Series – 4 papers
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