Georgia Tech Research

Today’s innovation often takes place at the intersection of disciplines. Georgia Tech's research enterprise encourages the kinds of transdisciplinary collaboration that make these advances possible. By bridging basic and applied research to commercialization, we’re helping create new research areas and building the foundations for industries of the future.

At Georgia Tech you will see that research and innovation are everywhere. Its part of almost everything we do. Teams of faculty, students, and researchers throughout our six colleges, 10 interdisciplinary research institutes, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), and hundreds of research labs and centers are pushing the boundaries of science and technology every day. With a “get it done attitude,” we’ve broken down the barriers between research units to provide federal agencies, companies, state agencies, private organizations and others with the results they need from research investments.

As a result, Georgia Tech consistently ranks among the top U.S. universities in the volume of research conducted, and in 2020, attracted more than $1 billion to help address critical challenges in computing, engineering, design, the sciences, liberal arts, business, and other areas. New initiatives in enterprise-level artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, quantum technologies, and hypersonics are helping meet critical national goals.

Georgia Tech’s research engine powers an innovation ecosystem that produces startup companies and fuels innovation that attracts more than $100 million in industry research each year. Our ATDC incubator accelerates the formation of Georgia-based technology startups, which have so far attracted more than $3 billion in investment capital and generated more than $12 billion in revenue.


Georgia Tech Research Institute

More than half of Georgia Tech’s research is done in GTRI, Georgia Tech’s applied research organization. GTRI develops advanced technology solutions and large-scale system prototypes to address the most difficult problems in national security, economic development, and overall human betterment. GTRI has grown to more than 2,400 employees supporting eight laboratories in over 20 locations around the country, and performs more than $600 million of problem-solving research annually for government and industry.

GTRI's researchers combine science, engineering, economics, policy, and technical expertise to solve complex problems for the federal government, state and industry. GTRI develops highly effective, practical solutions that are put into action. And as a non-profit research institute, it serves as an objective partner delivering workable solutions and manufacturable products.

GTRI research laboratories include:


Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

The teamwork at Georgia Tech is second to none. Scientists and engineers from various research areas, students, and partner organizations work together to find answers to some of society’s most challenging questions. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our interdisciplinary research institutes, which bring together research in our colleges, research centers and GTRI to address specific challenges. With staff knowledgeable about broad research areas, these institutes provide single points of contact for organizations conducting research at Georgia Tech.

Our interdisciplinary research institutes work in 10 major areas: