Georgia Tech Chips Day


Explore the latest developments in microelectronics and semiconductors with leading researchers and industry professionals

Join us for an in-depth one-day workshop at Georgia Tech, focusing on the latest research and trends in microelectronics and semiconductors. This interactive event will offer an opportunity to learn from and network with experts, academics, and professionals from across the field. The day will include:

  • A Keynote by Gregg Bartlett, CTO of GlobalFoundries: Acquire a deeper understanding of the current state and future directions in microelectronics and semiconductors from a globally recognized expert.
  • A Dedication to John Hooper: Recognizing the contributions of the founding director of the original Georgia Tech Microelectronics Research Center, whose impact on Georgia Tech and the broader microelectronics community can still be felt today.
  • "Tech Challenge" Talks: Learn about key technical challenges in microelectronics and semiconductors from industry leaders and Georgia Tech faculty members.
  • Industry Panels on Heterogeneous Integration and Workforce Development: Learn from thought leaders as they discuss strategies for fostering innovation and cultivating talent in the rapidly evolving microelectronics sector.
  • A Student Poster Session: Explore the research of Georgia Tech's emerging scientists and engineers and learn about the innovations that will shape the future of microelectronics.
  • A Vendor Showcase: Discover the latest products and solutions from top companies driving advancements in semiconductors and microelectronics.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow researchers, academics, and professionals in the microelectronics and semiconductor fields.

This workshop is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide valuable insights, and offer resources to help you excel in this rapidly changing field. Mark your calendars for this not-to-be-missed event!

Registration is required, so reserve your seat today!