Georgia CTSA - Team Science Skill Series

"Team Cognition" - C. Shawn Burke, Ph.D. - University of Central Florida

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C. Shawn Burke, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Central Florida

Team cognition has been repeatedly shown to be a foundational component of effective teams. Team cognition is a broad term that refers to cognitive structures that team members possess that facilitate the organization and execution of goal-directed activity. Common exemplars within the team space include shared mental models and transactive memory systems. This 60-minute workshop will provide a basic understanding of the landscape regarding team cognition, the important role that team cognition occupies in facilitating coordinated team action and performance, and a set of methods that can be used to diagnose and build team cognition. Graduate students, post-docs, and all levels of academic faculty are all welcome to attend this workshop.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you should be able to:

  • Describe the types of team cognition that have shown to be functional for teams.
  • Understand the role of team cognition in facilitating team performance.
    • Describe and apply a set of methods that can be used to diagnose team cognition.
    • Identify mechanisms that can be used to promote team cognition in teams.

Team consult opportunity:

Our Team Science Skills presenters have graciously opened their schedules to provide a limited amount of attendees with direct feedback and guidance on their personal team issues. During a one-hour consulting session, attendees will be able to directly ask our experts questions and get personalized advice on how to effectively move their team forward.  Requesters must attend the full session and complete the post-evaluation survey to be eligible.