Georgia CTSA - Team Science Skill Series

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Presented by:

Thomas O'Neill, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary

Conflict occurs when there are perceived incompatibilities between two or more parties and can result in delays or complete failure to achieve team goals. Conflict is also stressful and emotional. As conflict is more or less universal and largely inevitable, being able to manage conflict productively is a key skillset when engaged in work that involves interacting with others. After brief round-table of introductions on backgrounds and goals for the workshop, we will review the results of the Conflict Management Styles feedback report, as well as the group’s composite results. A free evidence-based personalized conflict styles report will be available to each attendee after taking the 5-minute assessment at Discussions will be facilitated on how different conflict styles may be more appropriate in given scenarios, and how to align the right style as the situation calls for it. Theories and best practices will be emphasized throughout from the high-performance teamwork literature and from the conflict and conflict management literature.

Team consult opportunity:

Our Team Science Skills presenters have graciously opened their schedules to provide a limited amount of attendees with direct feedback and guidance on their personal team issues. During a one-hour consulting session, attendees will be able to directly ask our experts questions and get personalized advice on how to effectively move their team forward. Requesters must attend the full session and complete the post-evaluation survey to be eligible.