Georgia CTSA Lunch and Learn Series with Informatics Experts

"SPARK2: A Near-Real-Time Explainable Sepsis Prediction Tool" - Alasdair Gent, Ph.D. - Duke University


Alasdair Gent, Ph.D.
Duke University

Alasdair Gent, Ph.D., was born and raised in Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, and pursued his undergrad/master's in physics at the University of St. Andrews. After being offered an opportunity to participate in a fellowship program at Georgia Tech., he moved to Atlanta in the fall of 2016 (imagine his shock at the climate!), where I attained another master’s and my Ph.D. in astrophysics. 

Alasdair is a Bioinformatician at Duke University. He moved from physics to the bioinformatics field in early 2023 due to his interest in machine learning and the desire to contribute to developing tools to advance our knowledge of healthcare and improve patient outcomes. His current research interests lie in developing, improving, and implementing advanced warning systems for likely septic deterioration and applying modern deep learning paradigms to waveform data (ECG, PPG, etc.) collected at the bedside.  

After working as a Postdoc for around a year in the BMI department at Emory, his lab transitioned from Emory to Duke. However, they still maintain several projects in collaboration with researchers and clinicians at Emory, which is fantastic.