Georgia CTSA Fall 2023 Team Science Skill Series

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Allison Traylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
Clemson University

This session will be focused on using team charters to build team resilience by anticipating and creating a plan for challenges at the outset of a project.

In the workshop, participants will…

  • Learn the science of team charters and how they can help build resilience
  • Reflect on previous challenges and identify ways a charter could have helped mitigate these challenges
  • Create a team charter template to implement in your next team

Team consult opportunity:
Our Team Science Skills presenters have graciously opened their schedules to provide a limited amount of attendees with direct feedback and guidance on their personal team issues. During a one-hour consulting session, attendees will be able to directly ask our experts questions and get personalized advice on how to effectively move their team forward.  Requesters must attend the full session and complete the post-evaluation survey to be eligible.