Georgia CTSA Fall 2023 Team Science Skill Series

Virtual Event - "Crash Course" on Team Science

Presented by:

Christopher W. Wiese, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Psychology
Georgia Tech

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Establishing and maintaining a productive research team is a difficult challenge across all stages of an academic’s career. The science of good teamwork applies across an academic career: from incorporating graduate students and post-docs to your first research team to crossing-boundaries in the creation and maintenance of an interdisciplinary expert team. In conjunction with Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance, we are offering a “crash course” workshop that aims to develop the skills necessary to build and maintain your research team by leveraging existing teams research. This 120-minute workshop will cover the basics of team science and will be followed up by deeper dives into specific topics in future 60-minute workshops. Graduate students, post-docs, and all levels of academic faculty are all welcome to attend this workshop.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic Teamwork Concepts
  • Best Practices when bringing your first team together.
  • How to manage and leverage conflict
  • Building Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Handling team member change/exit

Team consult opportunity:
Our Team Science Skills presenters have graciously opened their schedules to provide a limited amount of attendees with direct feedback and guidance on their personal team issues. During a one-hour consulting session, attendees will be able to directly ask our experts questions and get personalized advice on how to effectively move their team forward. Requesters must attend the full session and complete the post-evaluation survey to be eligible.

Registration is required for these workshops. All ZOOM information will be provided after registration. 

Questions? Contact Lauren James