Faces of Research: Meet Paul Schlumper

Faces of Research: Paul Schlumper Graphic

Faces of Research: Paul Schlumper Graphic

The Enterprise Innovation Institute is Georgia Tech’s chief economic development arm. With more than a dozen programs, it serves all of Georgia and beyond through a variety of services and offerings that build and scale startups, help business enterprises expand, and energize ecosystem builders.

This installment of the Faces of Research Series Q&A series is with Paul Schlumper, director of the Safety, Health, and Environmental Services program, an offering of the Enterprise Innovation Institute that gives a broad range of occupational safety and health training, consulting services, and academic education to organizations in Georgia and the Southeast.

What is your field of expertise and why did you choose it?
My education is in Industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech, and I worked a couple jobs in production control and quality control before coming to work at Tech. Occupational safety was not something I really considered but when an opening at Georgia Tech presented itself, I was happy to give it a try. Thirty-three years later, I’ve been working in the occupational safety field for most of my career and have loved every minute of it.

What makes the Safety, Health, and Environmental Services program unique?
What makes us unique is our approach and the awesome team that we have here at Georgia Tech. Our professionals are not only extremely knowledgeable and qualified, but they are truly passionate about the opportunities to make a difference in the safety and health of employees working for companies in Georgia.

What couldn't have happened without the Safety, Health, and Environmental Services program?
Starting in 1978 and over the years, thousands of employers, would not have received valuable knowledge to help keep their hundreds of thousands of employees safe. In safety and health, it’s difficult to measure the impact of preventing something bad like a work-related injury or illness that didn’t happen thanks to the hard work of our consultants and trainers but that is what we do.

What impact is Georgia Tech's research having on the clients with whom you work?
Our work impacts employees all over the state of Georgia and even worldwide. It is a really good feeling to leave a facility or a professional education course and know that you have made it much less likely that someone will be seriously hurt or become ill thanks to a hazard you helped them identify and correct.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not working?
My hobbies include golf, running (sometimes walking), swimming, but most of all I like to spend time with my family, especially my six grandchildren. I am an avid sports fan and love all the Atlanta and Boston teams (I’m originally from New England) and of course love seeing the Yellow Jackets in action. I rarely miss a home football game!

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