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Episode Summary

Keith McBride and Julie Kimble from the GTRI Director’s Office, and Michelle Powell of Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting speak with podcast host Matthew Habib about the development of Georgia Tech’s and GTRI’s Strategic Plans.

Talking Points

  • There were several reasons for updating Georgia Tech’s and GTRI’s strategic plans, including both groups having new leaders begin on the same day—Both Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Hudgens started on September 2, 2019

    • -  Georgia Tech’s last strategic plan was created in 2010, and covered 10 years

    • -  At GTRI, the last strategic plan was created in the mid-2000s, and since then the number of

      employees has increased 80% and sponsored funding has tripled

    • -  Need different approaches to handle organizational changes and guide future growth

  • Georgia Tech Strategic Plan Process

    • -  Three-part process – Visioning, Goal-setting, Implementation

    • -  Used Appreciative Inquiry process (“What are your biggest dreams for Georgia Tech?”)

  • GTRI Strategic Plan – same Appreciative Inquiry process as Georgia Tech

- Added extra question for discussion (“What research would you like GTRI to be doing in 10


  • Implementation of Strategic Plans

    • -  Georgia Tech: Created the Research Next commission to determine research strategy

    • -  GTRI: Will use strategic plan to determine what new areas to expand expertise into

    • Thanks to all employees and students who participated!


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