Episode 11: Unsung Heroes

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In this episode of the Moving Forward Podcast, host Matthew Habib interviews Juanita Slayton of Georgia Tech, and John Q. Jones & Miles Paca of GTRI, some of our unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, to hear about some of their experiences while being on-site and responding.

Talking Points 

  • There are thousands of GT and GTRI employees were impacted by the pandemic, and are all “heroes” in their own rites. 
  • In this episode, listeners will hear: - From three individuals who are front-line workers who had remarkable experiences 
  • Who these heroes are, where they work, and how long they have been there 
  • What they experienced during the pandemic while supporting GT and GTRI 
  • What they identify as their most difficult challenge they faced and overcame 
  • What they recognize as the event, or accomplishment, they considered as their high point 



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