Partnership & Co-Locations

Georgia Tech’s community of innovation brings together education, research, industry, and government with a focus on creating transformative opportunities, strengthening collaborative partnerships, and positively impacting the economy and society.

Georgia Tech acts as a catalyst for co-located corporate labs, and as a convener and connection point between industry, academia, and Atlanta’s robust startup community.

Through the Office of Institute Relations, Georgia Tech works across campus to steward these relationships and align a company’s goals and interests with university programs and resources.

In Tech Square, Georgia Tech has created a focal point for co-located corporate innovation and development and startup generation for metro Atlanta, and the broader southeastern United States. The more than 35 corporate operations co-located on or adjacent to campus represent a range of corporate activities including accelerators, customer discovery centers, innovation labs, technology development centers, collaboration spaces, and research centers.  

These centers are able to connect with and learn from each other, which expands the innovation pipeline to new collaborative opportunities and ideas. In addition to proximity supporting greater interaction with other large corporations and startups, it also serves to enhance the connection to Georgia Tech students, faculty, research, and technology.

For more information about how Georgia Tech might work with you to develop a co-location and collaboration plan, contact Greg King, Associate Vice President for Economic Development in the Office of Institute Relations at, or 404-894-3670.