Digitalization for AM — How to Leverage Digitalization in AM Operations

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"Digitalization for AM — How to Leverage Digitalization in AM Operations"

Tim Bell, AM Business Manager - Head of the Center of Competency for AM, Siemens Digital Industries
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Tim Bell
AM Business Manager - Head of the CoC for Additive Manufacturing
Siemens Digital Industries

Bio: Tim Bell is the Head of the Center of Competency for Additive Manufacturing within the Siemens Digital Industries USA and is a seasoned Manufacturing veteran and Cincinnati Ohio native.

He has spent more than 30 years in manufacturing and was trained as a Journeymen Toolmaker in the 1980’s. He spent the next 20 years as a machinist, programmer, designer and entrepreneur of small contract manufacturing companies. The last 15 plus years have been focused on Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) of components and assemblies supporting the aerospace, defense and medical industries.

He has successfully launched four US companies, two of which were foreign owned/ joint ventures, taking them from ground zero to profitability and becoming leaders in their respective fields.

Tim is often considered a pragmatic, go-getter who thrives in tackling new challenges with creativity and experience.

Abstract: In today’s ever changing manufacturing environment buzzwords like “digitalization, Industry 4.0 and IoT” are thrown around like old newspapers. And a lot of people say they are “digital”, but what does it mean, and how do you digitalize your manufacturing and most importantly what value does it bring to your operation.

Siemens is the global leader in Digitalization and the only company who can provide true End 2 End digital manufacturing solutions to the Additive Manufacturing market, starting with our software tools, leading into our hardware and landing in MindSphere (the cloud based IoT).   

Just wait until you see some of the amazing things Siemens can help you do in the digitalization of your AM operations.