Dana Randall Named External Faculty at Santa Fe Institute

School of Computer Science Professor Dana Randall has been named an external faculty member at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI).

SFI is a non-profit independent research center that brings together top academic researchers from the U.S. and abroad. As an external faculty member, Randall will virtually collaborate with other researchers contributing her experience and expertise in theoretical computer science, as well as her research in randomized algorithms and stochastic processes in computer science, discrete mathematics, and statistical physics.

“No aspect of science is going to continue the way it was. New ways of analyzing and integrating the massive datasets being generated in most fields of science and engineering are transforming those disciplines and challenging long-held notions about what can be accomplished,” Randall said in an interview with GT Computing in 2017. 

Randall, who is co-director of Georgia Tech's Institute for Data Engineering and Science, is one of 10 external faculty members selected this year by SFI. In all, SFI has more than 100 external faculty members from across a variety of disciplines.

SFI's news release states, “Randall is widely recognized as an expert. Some of her recent work has been dedicated to creating mathematical models for phase transitions and emergent phenomena. Her approaches can be used to understand how organisms flock, how neighborhoods self-segregate, and how swarms of ants or robots can move as one.”
Randall is also the ADVANCE Professor of Computing and an adjunct professor in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech.