CSE Faculty Member Recognized for Contributions to Computational Science

CSE Faculty Member Recognized for Contributions to Computational Science

School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Associate Professor Edmond Chow has been named as one of 28 new Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Fellows for 2021. 

SIAM represents an international community of over 14,000 members and is considered the leading professional organization for computational and applied mathematicians in industry and academia.    

This SIAM recognition highlights Chow’s contributions to the field of computational science and engineering within the areas of numerical linear algebra and high-performance computing (HPC). 

Specifically, Chow’s research aims to develop numerical methods that are specialized for HPC computers used to solve large-scale scientific computing problems such as those found in quantum chemistry.  

“My students and I search for new, efficient ways to computationally solve the mathematical models that we use to model the world around us,” he said. 

“We also implement the methods in open software so that they can be easily used by others. In recent years, we've been working particularly with quantum chemists, who have a rich source of numerical and other computational problems.” 

While he remains active in external roles, such as serving as deputy chair on the ACM Gordon Bell Prize Committee and as associate editor for ACM Transactions on Mathematical SoftwareChow says one of his goals is to build a stronger community around scientific computing, particularly at Georgia Tech. He is currently facilitating this goal by serving as co-chair of the 2022 SIAM Annual Meeting and by organizing the Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium in February 2022.

The Georgia Scientific Computing Symposium offers a forum for students and faculty from across the state of Georgia to gather and share recent advances in all aspects of scientific computing. Notably, the one-day symposium will be hosted by CSE at Georgia Tech in 2022. 

“It has been very heart-warming to receive so many congratulatory messages from literally around the world in the past few days. I'm lucky to be working in a very supportive community,” he said. 


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