CMaT Lunch & Learn Meeting

Cytiva's Sefia™ Cell Therapy Manufacturing Platform

Maelyn Lessard, D.B.A. - Cell Therapy Workflow Development Leader, Cytiva
Milton Franco, Chronicle Solutions, Cytiva

Lunch provided for in-person attendees!
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When it comes to cell therapy manufacturing, you’re not just in production. You’re crafting hope for millions awaiting these breakthrough treatments. Excelling on this path to commercial realization craves the support of a platform made specifically for cell therapy manufacturing. A platform that not only provides flexibility and easy integration but also promotes productivity and automates key steps of your workflow.

Maeylyn Lessard, D.B.A., is the Cell Therapy Workflow Development Leader for the southeast helping scientists, engineers, and manufacturers meet the needs for product development. She works with customers in all phases of cell development through all parts of the cell workflow from thawing, isolation, expansion, harvest and formulation. She specializes in Cytiva’s Liquid Nitrogent Free cryo solutions, Sepax, Sefia, Sefia Expansion, and Xuri products.