CIGars Seminar - Center for Integrative Genomics Advanced Research

“Heterogeneous Genetic Architectures of Prostate Cancer in African Populations”

Rohini Janivara
Graduate Student, Bioinformatics
Joseph Lachance, Ph.D., Advisor
Georgia Tech

“The Genetic Architectures of Complex Traits and Their Relevance to Polygenic Score Performance”

Joseph Lachance, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Tech

This is a great opportunity to: 

  • Improve your presentation skills as a speaker
  • Communicate science, research, and technology to an audience with diverse backgrounds
  • Practice giving your talk for an upcoming conference, thesis defense, or qualifying oral exams
  • Enjoy free lunch and hear about a wide range of work happening in the local bioscience community

The Center for Integrative Genomics holds a monthly advanced research seminar (CIGars). These talks are directed to graduate students and post-docs but are open to anyone who is interested in the topics.