BioMADE MII: Strategic Development of a National Education and Workforce Ecosystem in Engineering Biology

Abstract: The nation is uniquely poised for generational economic impact that is within reach if critical assets in the industrial biomanufacturing sector are strategically coordinated and mobilized. This emerging area is central to our bioeconomic security through industry innovation, bioproduct supply value chain, and workforce capacity development. To address this need, BioMADE education and workforce development initiatives include coordination of industry, academic, federal, and community-based inputs to drive resilient and sustainable bioeconomic growth. We will discuss strategic approaches that are currently underway that leverage interagency and public-private partnerships to create new paradigms for progressive change.

Bio: Dr. Thomas Tubon is the Chief Workforce Development Officer for the BioMADE Manufacturing Innovation Institute. BioMADE is the 16th Manufacturing Innovation Institute, 9th catalyzed by the Department of Defense to support public-private partnership and acceleration of bioproduct commercialization in the bioindustrial manufacturing sector. BioMADE’s education and workforce development efforts are focused on the identification, creation, and coordination of national resources that address industry-based skills, competencies, and employment needs. Tubon has served as a principal investigator for the NSF InnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Education Center, the Advancing Research Impacts in Society (ARIS) Center, and 13 years as a faculty member designing workforce programming in the biosciences at Madison College and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He earned his Doctorate degree at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Stony Brook University in Molecular Genetics and has extensive research experience in neuroscience, stem cells and regenerative medicine, and cell and tissue biomanufacturing.

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Tom Tubon 
Chief Workforce Development Officer