BBISS Student in CRIDC Poster Competition

Xiaoyang Meng, a PhD candidate in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a student member of the BBISS research team, has been selected to participate in the final poster competition for the 2016 Career, Research, Innovation and Development Conference (CRIDC).

Meng's poster is entitled "The Development of Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants."  Pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and endocrine disrupters are a few examples of emerging contaminants.  Many of them are toxic to people and wildlife and persist in the environment for a long time.  Furthermore, conventional water treatment technologies do not remove such contaminants.  As part of his PhD research, Meng is exploring how electrochemical advanced oxidation processes can be used to treat emerging contaminants at scales necessary to be implemented in municipal water treatment systems.

The CRIDC is taking place on Thursday, March 10th in the Student Center Ballroom.  There are events scheduled throughout the day.  This event is primarily for the benefit of graduate students. Please see the CRIDC web page for registration and details.

News Contact

 Lalit Darunte & Joy Kimmel, CRIDC Co-Chairs