BBISS Seminar Series - Jian Luo


Sustainability Initiatives at Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute (GTSI): Highlights from 2023

Jian Luo, Ph.D., Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Director: MS Program in Environmental Engineering at GTSI

February 8, 2024, 3 - 4 PM ET
Hybrid Event - Teams Link

BBISS Offices, 760 Spring Street, Suite 118
Refreshments will be served.

AbstractThis talk will cover various aspects of sustainability at GTSI throughout the year of 2023. This includes insights into our efforts to incorporate sustainability into our educational programs, showcasing impactful sustainability projects undertaken by our students, and providing an overview of student-led sustainability initiatives beyond the curriculum. Additionally, we will discuss the integration of sustainable practices into our campus development and day-to-day operations. We will also share details about a notable collaboration between Atlanta and Shenzhen students on an international sustainability project. This collaboration exemplifies the strength of student involvement and the potential for cross-campus partnerships in advancing sustainability goals.

Bio: Jian Luo is a professor in School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He serves as the Director of the MS program in Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute. His research areas include groundwater resources management, groundwater remediation, seawater intrusion, coastal urban flooding, geostatistics, and inverse modeling.