AlRegib Discusses Machine Learning Topics on Scientific Sense Podcast

<p>Ghassan AlRegib</p>

Ghassan AlRegib

Ghassan AlRegib and his expertise in machine learning were recently featured on Scientific Sense, a daily podcast focused on science and economics. The podcast is hosted by Gill Eapen, the founder of Decision Options, a company focused on artificial intelligence applications for decision-making. 

AlRegib is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also leads the Omni Lab for Intelligent Visual Engineering and Sciences (OLIVES) and the Center for Energy and Geo Processing. 

AlRegib discussed the current status of machine learning and how it compares to the current understanding of the human brain and the human vision system in particular. He and Eapen also talked about the robustness and usability of machine learning in applications such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and energy. 

Another focus of the conversation was on the future of machine learning and its deployment at scale in sectors such as healthcare, energy, transportation, and textile manufacturing. AlRegib also talked about the OLIVES Lab and its most recent work on making eye exams affordable and available anywhere and anytime using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

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