Alexandra Boldyreva

Associate Professor
Alexandra Boldyreva, Ph.D., is an accomplished researcher in the areas of cryptography and information security who has published nearly three dozen works about public key and other encryption methods. A member of the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) and the Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization program (ACO), she was a past contributor to the IISP's predecessor, the Georgia Tech Information Security Center. Boldyreya also serves as an associate professor for the Georgia Institute of Technology and coordinator for the information security master’s program in the College of Computing. She received her doctorate in computer science from the University of California, San Diego and bachelor's in science and master's in science in applied mathematics from the St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia In her spare time, Boldyreva enjoys nature photography, and many of her works adorn the halls of the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech.



Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Computing
School of Computer Science
Additional Research:
Cloud Security; Encryption