AI.Humanity with a Social Justice Lens

Man Instructing a class

AI.Humanity with a Social Justice Lens 

We invite you to join us at a networking event and pitch competition hosted by Georgia Tech and Emory University on the topic of AI.Humanity with a Social Justice Lens.  

This is a Networking Opportunity and Live Pitch Session for attendees to network, collaborate, and brainstorm project ideas that can lead to extramural funding in this area.  The event will culminate with each team pitching a seed project, with up to three teams moving forward for funding to support new collaborations. Those moving forward must complete a brief, formal proposal in support of their idea after the event to finalize the award. 

This event is open to researchers from both universities and is intended to spur new research collaborations and expand existing partnerships that seek to develop, leverage, apply, and/or critically evaluate artificial intelligence (AI). 

Those who are experts in AI and Social Justice as well as those who do not currently work in these spaces but are interested are welcome to attend. Researchers from disciplines such as Business, Law, Humanities, Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, and Engineering with an interest in this shared research space are highly encouraged to attend. 

The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative (NAII) identifies Advancing Trustworthy AI as one of its six strategic pillars. According to NAII, for AI to be trustworthy, technologies must appropriately reflect characteristics such as accuracy, explainability and interpretability, privacy, reliability, robustness, safety, and security or resilience to attacks – and ensure that bias is mitigated. Developing and using AI in ways that are ethical, reduce bias, promote fairness, and protect privacy is essential for fostering a positive effect on society consistent with core U.S. values. 

For more information contact:  Linda Mazzeo or Susan Roche at Georgia Tech.