5 AI Ethics Concerns the Experts Are Debating

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Just as social media exploded on the scene in the 2010s, artificial intelligence (AI) is having its moment. Decision-making algorithms have gone from science labs and sci-fi movies to everyday use in our homes — recommending movies, summarizing documents, and more. This technology comes with many benefits but raises many ethical concerns as well.

“AI systems are value-laden because they're human creations,” says Justin Biddle, the director of Georgia Tech’s Ethics, Technology, and Human Interaction Center (ETHICx) and an associate professor in Georgia Tech's School of Public Policy, where he teaches a course on AI ethics and policy. He specializes in the ethics of emerging technology and collaborates with scientists and engineers at Georgia Tech to design ethical AI systems.

He shared five of the most pressing AI ethics concerns the experts are debating today and the first steps we can take to address them.

Read the full article here: https://iac.gatech.edu/ai-ethics

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