4th Annual Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology (SCMB) Symposium

A free, four-day online event, running from December 13-16, 2021


Join us for a lively exploration of the math-bio interface. 

The Symposium will host daily panel discussion about important issues in math-bio research and traineeship. How can we productively embed ourselves in a second discipline? What paths have led to successful math-bio careers in academia? In industry? 

Support the next generation of math-bio researchers.

Following each panel, the Symposium will spotlight work being done by junior researchers from all 4 NSF-Simons MathBioSys research centers. Come support these young scientists who are forging new connections at the interface between mathematics and the bio-sciences!

Featuring plenary lecture by Belinda Akpa, Ph.D.

SCMB is happy to feature Belinda Akpa, senior scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as the Symposium's plenary speaker. Akpa, who holds a joint appointment as Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at UTK, will speak on "Making the most of 'tiny data' in systems biomedicine" in the 12 noon plenary session on Thursday 12/16. 
Contribute your own work to our poster session.

Following the plenary session, the Symposium will host a poster session via spatial conferencing platform spatial.chat. Enhace the scientific reach of our event by contributing your own work!

Poster presenters are also invited to contribute a 90 second pre-recorded "microtalk". The microtalks will run on loop in our spatial.chat coffee break space, serving as an advertisement for your work in the lead up to the poster session.
SCMB, a National Science Foundation-Simons MathBioSys Research Center, is a collaborative partnership of seven institutions united in advancing the mathematics of complex biological systems and expanding communities at the math-bio interface.