Hydrogen Combustion Publications

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NOx Emissions from Hydrogen Methane Fuel Blends

How will shifting from natural gas to hydrogen affect air quality? Recently, there have been concerns that hydrogen could make air quality worse by increasing NOx emissions. This whitepaper, a collaboration between Georgia Tech and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), shows that many studies could be interpreting their NOx emissions incorrectly by as much as 40% against high-hydrogen systems.

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Hydrogen Utilization in the Electricity Sector: Opportunities, Issues, and Challenges

This whitepaper is a collaboration between researchers from Georgia Tech and the Electric Power Research Institute. It considers where hydrogen might fit within the energy system as it stands today. The US energy system can be divided into three major subsystems: (A) energy sources (natural gas, oil, solar, etc.), (B) carriers and infrastructures for moving energy sources around, and (C) energy consumers. This whitepaper considers issues associated with hydrogen as an energy carrier, particularly its role as a substitute for natural gas.

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