Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Sources

Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR)

There are a number of offices and resources in place to connect researchers to relevant information regarding internally supported funding opportunities through the EVPR’s office. 

Strategic Energy Institute

Seed Funding - A critical means of supporting emerging and interdisciplinary energy research at Georgia Tech is to support promising research areas in which federal grants are not available. Requests for Proposals are announced via the SEI newsletter, Connections. Click here to subscribe to the SEI newsletter.

Planning and Convening Grants – SEI supports the development of multidisciplinary research projects by issuing planning and convening grants of up to $5,000. Grants are awarded in a rolling basis. Activities covered under this RFP include:

  • Pre-planning activities or team development for integrated techno-economic studies that frame issues and define frameworks for thinking through complex, integrated energy problems. 
  • Financial and organizational support for internal workshops to organize ourselves internally, either toward some anticipated opportunity or to help frame and define an external opportunity.
  • Financial and organizational support for external workshops to develop consensus or recommendations around some energy issue.
  • Financial support for pulling together proposals in response to large external solicitations.

Proposals that link up groups across different colleges and campus units are highly encouraged, particularly those that couple technical disciplines with system analyses, socio-economic, or policy considerations. 

Program Eligibility:  This program is open to Georgia Tech faculty and professional staff. It is also open to students who will be actively enrolled for the duration of a proposed project and who have a faculty liaison or sponsor for the project. The solicitation is not open to individuals enrolled in professional education courses or those previously employed or enrolled at Georgia Tech.

**Requests for funding should include a summary of proposed activities, a timeline for completion, and a budget that includes a breakdown of how the funds will be used in support of the project.
**PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of awardees to adhere to all GT policies regarding food and alcohol purchases (see links to GT policies below).

If requested, food and alcohol must be included as separate line items (one for each) in the proposed budget and will be awarded separately in a designated SEI project to ensure all appropriate GT policies and procedures are followed. Any deviation may result in denial of reimbursement.

To apply, contact Christine Conwell 

External Funding Sources

  • Pivot is a comprehensive global source of external funding opportunities available free to all Georgia Tech researchers. Researchers can search for funding opportunities or sign up for e-mail alerts.
  • SEI maintains a list of open funding opportunities from various federal agencies and private foundations.